Rovatti Horizontal multi-stage pump, type ME


The ME (Europa) Horizontal type is a high efficiency pump.
The lattyflon stuffing-box packing is ideal for dirty water installation because opposite to the mechanical seal where sand can damage the seal, with the stuffin-box packing there will be no issuses. The stuffing-box packing needs to be adjusted accordingly with the Twinner System (2 parts) so it is always leaking in order to keep it lubricated and cool.
The ME (Europa) Horizontal pumps can also be delivered with an optional mechanical seal for clean water, please consult with us for more information.
No counter flanges are delivered with the ME (Europa) Horizaton types, for the counter flange kits please consult with us.
The ME (Europa) Horizontal type is able to supply a wide range of pressures which allows it to be used for diverse installations of medium and high pressure in irrigation with higher capacities than the compact types.


Material cast iron
RatedVoltage 400VAC
SplashProtectionIP IP55

Technical Information and Manuals

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