Heat exchanger Maxi-Flo


Easy to install heat exchanger with tubes of European quality. The Maxi-Flo heat exchanger can only be positioned vertically. The Maxi-Flo heat exchanger can be used to heat your pool by using, for example, the heating of your home. A heat exchanger can quickly heat up the water. In 24 to 48 hours you can reach a water temperature of 28°C. The heat exchanger is therefore an excellent solution if your pool is not used frequently (e.g. weekends only). The Maxi-Flo heat exchangers are also compatible with low temperature circuits of existing geothermal systems or heat pumps.  Suitable for chlorine based pools.


WorkingPressurePrimarySystem 10 bar
WorkingPressureSecundarySystem 5 bar

Technical Information and Manuals

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