Amiad Automatic filter


The Amiad Mini Sigma for Angle installations.

Amiad ADI-P 12VDC controller with a 2W-Latch solenoid allows the user to monitor and control the filter from the Amiad app on your mobile via Bluetooth.

The app will provide the following information:

- DP and flush cycle counters.

- Alerts (low/high pressures) and low battery.

- Reports and performance history data.

Self-cleaning cycle is triggered by an integrated DP switch which is initiated by: a Pre-set 0.5 signal from DP switch, a time interval or a manual start.

Flushing time of 10 seconds.

Delivered with 1.5'' flush valve.


MaterialSeal EPDM
Material fibreglass-reinforced nylon
Type Mini Sigma Angle
MaterialFilterElement stainless steel 316
RatedVoltage 9-12VDC latch

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