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3G solar-powered soil tensiometer, type Root Sense


The Root Sense sensor technology collects highly accurate data relating to the root zone water potential and the microclimate.
The Root Sense comes with soil probes that measure the soil temperature and the water potential at two different depths, up to 200 cm, and also an air temperature sensor to measure the microclimate.
The probes can be installed horizontally for optimal contact with the soil and roots, or vertically like tensiometers.
The Root-Sense comes with a 120cm aluminium stand and works in any soil, crop and water types.
The Root-Sense does not contain water and therefore it does not require periodic filling or calibration like tensiometers.
For more information, read the Root Sense Manual: Online Data Logger, Mobile App and Web Analytics sections and the Installation Guide.
Software license costs are not included:
After registering and using the respective QR code, the system will pop up with a payment site so you can directly pay the monthly costs for the devices.
The costs are USD 15.00 for each license. Every 2 sensors you need an additional license.

Technical Information and Manuals

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