Rain Bird Spray head, type U


The Rain Bird Spray head, type U is used with the 1800 & Uni-Spray series pop up in cases where sprinklers with various arcs and radius are to be used in the same zone and is important to maintain even flows independent of the nozzle used. The U-Series are ideal for spots where the areas close to the sprinkler are not getting watered well enough and with the U-Series double orifice you can get better irrigation in the short range.

The U-Series have a second orifice for irrigation in order to water the areas close to the sprinkler better. The top is colored for easy radius and arc identification: U-8 (green with 10° trajectory), U-10 (blue with 12° trajectory), U-12 (brown with 23° trajectory) and U-15 (black with 23° trajectory). Pressure Range from 1 to 2.1bar and Spacing Range from 2.7m to 4.6m.

Rain Bird products offer targeted watering, maximizing efficient water use


Material plastic
RecommendedPressure 1.5 - 2.0 bar
SuitableFor1 series 1800

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