The MP Rotator is the solution to your challenging water project. Go for water conservation, even distribution of water and saturated soil with the MP Rotator. The Hunter MP Rotator delivers consistency, thanks to its unique rotating delivery system that ejects several water jets at a constant, but slower delivery rate than that of conventional sprinklers. What difference will it make? More precision and better results. The MP Rotator uses and wastes less water than other traditional sprays. Water consumption can drop by as much as 30 per cent, in fact. The rotator can be fitted on all conventional sprinkler heads and bushing adapters. And it’s is available in a series of models with varying ranges. Specifications of the MP Rotator - Low precipitation rate of approximately 10 mm per hour - the lowest in the industry. - Automatically adjusted precipitation for simplified irrigation design and flexibility. - Due to the double-pop feature, the nozzle rises with the riser while the sprinkler is in operation and shuts off automatically on finish. The MP Rotator is adequately protected against dirt. - The evenness of the distribution produces a healthy landscape with maximum irrigation efficiency. Extra features of the MP Rotator - Wind-resistant, multi-stream technology prevents misting. - The nozzle’s arc can only be adjusted when the MP Rotator is switched on. The rotator features additional protection against vandalism. - Detachable filter screen prevents blockages in the nozzle. - Colour-coded for easy identification. The MP Rotator also fits outdated systems and will give them a new lease of life. Treat yourself to this innovation, which will help you solve both problems related to low pressure and poor cover.


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