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Hunter pop-up, type SRM04


Hunter’s SRM Rotor Sometimes, less is more. And the Hunter SRM Rotor is a prime example. Despite its compact appearance and that fact that it is uncomplicated to operate, this sprinkler is a valuable addition to any irrigation system, whether it’s for a flowerbed, a whole landscape installation or a range of crops in the same field. The rotor has a short range so it is ideal for precision work. It’s perfect for watering plants in your front garden, but it won’t soak your drive. The SRM Rotor can be used with large sprinklers, so you can water large and small areas within the same zone to save water and money. Specifications of the SRM Hunter - The SRM has six sprinkler heads; all of them are fitted quickly and easily, and can be replaced with the same ease. - The speed of the jet can be adjusted to your preferences, allowing you to adjust the sprinkler to the size of the area in question. The most important advantages: - An adjustable arc ranging from 40 to 360 degrees to guide the water in the direction you want. - Easy to instal thanks to the through-the-top adjustment. - Pre-installed 2.0 nozzles. - QuickCheck ™ arc mechanism for quick arc adjustment. Benefit from the precision work that the SRM Hunter delivers.


Material plastic
SectorAdjustmentRange 40°-360°
RiserHeight 10 cm
Type SRM04

Technical Information and Manuals

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