Hunter Pop-up sprinkler, type PGJ


Sophistication with Hunter’s PGJ The greenest lawns of all feature a PGJ. This sprinkler has everything other rotating sprinklers have, but is has more sophistication. It’s perfect for projects that actually require a spray but as they are more prone to vandalism, do better with a sturdier sprinkler, such as crops with tiny buds or fragile blossom in a park. Treat yourself to a PGJ to get the best results. Efficient irrigation Fit the PGJ to large rotors and water areas of different sizes in the same zone at the same time. This efficient irrigation system means you can save water and money. It offers convenience and efficiency that you won’t find in conventional sprays. Specifications of the PGJ - Adjustable screw with head and slot means you can adjust the radius with a Hunter wrench or flat-blade screw driver. - An adjustable arc ranging from 40 to 360 degrees to guide the water in the right direction. - 2.0 nozzles installed by the manufacturer are standard. - QuickCheck ™ arc mechanism for quick arc adjustment. The PGJ comes standard with: - a rack containing water-saving sprinkler caps that are easy to fit and change; - a rubber cover. Your range can’t do without a spray like the PGJ.


Material plastic
SectorAdjustmentRange 40°-360°

Spare parts

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