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Rain Bird Pop-up sprinkler, type 3500


The 3500 series is an ideal pop-up rotor for gardens installed with other rotors like the 5000 series in places with smaller distances and also free from vandalism.

The 3500 series is compatible with the Rain Curtain nozzles. The 3500 series comes with the following optional feature like the SAM Seal-A-Matic check valve that holds up to 2.1m of elevation change. This only comes with a 10cm riser (3504) and Part Circle (PC) model with 40° to 360° adjustable range. The Pressure Ranges from 1.7 to 3.8bar, Spacing Ranges from 4.6m to 10.7m andat a Flow Rate of 0.12 to 1.04 m3/h

Rain Bird products offers targeted watering, maximizing efficient water use


Material plastic

Technical Information and Manuals

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