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NaanDanJain pop-up sprinkler, type 805


The NaanDanJain 805 pop up sprinkler can be used in landscaping for irrigating flower beds, turf and other garden crops.

The NaanDanJain 805 pop up sprinkler comes with a plastic impact sprinkler hidden in the case. The 805 pop up is extremely reliable and resistant to hard conditions thanks to its special seals and impact hammer system which reduces maintenance. The 7.60cm opening case height allows the pop up to reach a maximum diameter of 26m at 4bar with the biggest nozzles. The diffuser screw and part circle mechanism allows the user to easily adjust the radious and irrigating pattern of this sprinkler.

NaanDanJain irrigation suppliers irrigation and climate control solutions for a multiple line of segments worldwide: field irrigation, glasshouse and residential. The company also offers on site support, design services and crop advise.


Material plastic
NozzleSize 4,0 mm
SectorAdjustmentRange 30°-360°
Type 805

Technical Information and Manuals

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